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2021 Exhibition dedicated to Ridenour, Parker


ROCKSPRINGS – The opening ceremony for the 2021 Meigs County Fair included a special presentation to honor the memory of the late Anna Parker and the late James “Jim” Ridenour.

Parker and Ridenour’s families received a plaque from the Senior Fair Board as Master of Ceremonies Jordan Pickens read information about the two.

Ridenour, who was a longtime supporter of justice, died on February 10, 2021.

“Over the past year, we have lost several friends and family members of the fair, one of them being Jim Ridenour, a longtime supporter of the fair, owner of Ridenour Gas Service,” said read Pickens from the information printed in the fair book.

“Jim Ridenour and his wife June have supported the show for over 50 years. Jim first attended the fair when we celebrated our 100th anniversary of the fair and hadn’t missed a fair since, ”some of the information said.

The tribute continued: “Jim was a proud supporter of the junior fairground service and cattle auctions. He not only supported the fair, but also supported other Meigs County events across the county. Jim and June’s dedication and willingness to invest in the future of young people and our fair became evident in 2012, when a substantial donation to the fair was made to replace the aging breeding arena with the new Ridenour Family Livestock Arena. While Jim focused the most on young people, he was a supporter of the whole fair. He was one of the very first sponsors of the day, an entertainment sponsor, a supporter of truck and tractor pull-ups and other things, ”the printed tribute continued.

“On the day of the sale, you could always find him with his family sitting in the front row bidding on the animals, making sure every exhibitor walked out of the ring proud of their hard work… His love for the fair didn’t only lasted a week. , if you walk into his business, you’ll see all the photos of the animals he’s bought over the years, ”the tribute continued.

Ridenour’s legacy continued with the 2021 Meigs County Junior Fair Cattle Sale on Saturday as the Ridenour family and Ridenour Gas Service bought many animals to support the youth.

Anna Parker, remembered for her love of the fair, passed away on September 24, 2019.

Part of the printed tribute from the fair said, “His love for children made the decision easy to support 4-H and FFA. It was his way of reinvesting in his community and surroundings by supporting the younger generation through their shows and sales.

“Anna loved the fair. In fact, she loved it so much that she bought shirts that said “I love the fair” and handed them out to anyone who wanted one. You would find her at the forefront of every show and she would have the biggest smile on her face when any of her children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews were in the ring, ”the tribute read.

“When a difficult time or day arose, Anna’s advice to the family would be, ‘I think you need to spend some time in the barn. She saw the barn work as a place to find peace and courage. Whether on her family farm or at one of the many fairs she attended, the agricultural community was one of her happy places, ”added the tribute.

Parker’s legacy continued on Saturday with his niece and grandchildren selling their cattle in “I Love the Fair” shirts worn in his memory.

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Anna Parker’s family received a plaque during the opening ceremony of the 2021 Meigs County Fair.

Jim Ridenour’s family received a plaque during the opening ceremony of the 2021 Meigs County Fair.


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