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4 Things We Learned From The Comic-Con Panel


“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Terry Crews is among the guest stars of the show’s first season, and a brawny ball of energy brought his trademark enthusiasm to the panel (he literally took the stage ripping off his shirt and making his pectorals dance). He might as well have been a fan ripped from the crowd, as he spent a significant portion of the panel talking about the people who make the show and “The Walking Dead” himself, insisting he’s a super fan who would be in the crowd if he couldn’t be on stage.

But Crews’ love of zombie stories doesn’t start with “The Walking Dead.” He said he grew up watching George Romero’s iconic horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” (the godfather of all modern zombie stories) and was smitten by the film’s main man, Duane Jones. Here’s a horror movie with a black lead playing a character who takes control and proves to be the most heroic character in the film. Of course, things didn’t end well for Jones’ Ben (Romero’s cynical ending is timeless), but the film sparked a passion in Crews. Now, thanks to “Tales of the Walking Dead,” he’s able to live out one of his ultimate fanboy fantasies and star in a zombie story.