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As Illinois’ REAL ID deadline draws closer, here’s what residents need to know – NBC Chicago


As Illinois residents renew their driver’s licenses in the coming months, they will be faced with the decision of whether or not to obtain a REAL ID-compliant ID card, as mandated identification by the federal government will be required in a wide variety of circumstances starting next year.

The REAL ID Act institutes a strict set of rules to strengthen the security of identification documents in the United States, and all states have been required to update their own guidelines as required by law.

In the coming months, enhanced identification will be required for travel to the United States, as well as a host of other actions.

Here’s what we know about the program.

What is the deadline for Illinois residents to have REAL ID compliant licenses?

After a slew of extensions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois residents who wish to continue using their driver’s license as identification on federal property must have compliant identification by 3 May 2023.

What actions require REAL ID compliant licenses?

The most notable change will come to airports for Illinois residents, as all domestic travelers will be required to have a REAL-ID compliant license or ID card by May 3.

Illinois residents will also need the cards to visit military bases and other secure federal facilities, including courthouses, as required by law.

Illinoisans have just over a year to get a REAL ID, but residents can prepare ahead of time what they will need to receive the new ID.

What do I need to get one?

There is a set of documents that you will need to obtain a REAL ID from your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Documented proof of identity (choose one):

– Certified copy of a birth certificate

– Valid US Passport or Passport Card

-Consular report of birth abroad

– Certificate of Citizenship provided by the Department of Homeland Security

-Certificate of naturalization

-Employment Authorization Document

-Foreign passport with a valid US visa

-Permanent resident card

-REAL ID driver’s license from another state

IF your name is different from the one that appears on your ID

In the event that a person legally changes their name, proof of this change will be required

Proof of social security number (choose one):

-Social Security Card


– Payment stub or printed electronic deposit receipt with name and SSN

-Form SSA-1099

-Non-SSA-1099 Form

Proof of residence (Choose two):

-Bank statement

– Canceled check

-Credit card statement

– Certified high school/high school or college level transcript

-Credit report

– Deed/Title, Mortgage or Lease Agreement

-Insurance policy

– Letter on official school letterhead

-Medical request or statement of benefits from a public or private insurance company

– Payment stub or printed electronic deposit receipt

– Official mail received from any government agency

– Pension or retirement statement

– Elementary/high school or college/university report card

– Tuition invoice or other official mail from a college or university

– Electricity bill

-Voter’s card

Proof of written signature (choose one):

– Illinois driver’s license

-Temporary driver’s license or commercial learner’s license

– Out of state driver’s license

– Canceled check

-Court order

-Credit or debit card

-Foreign passport

-ID card for any federal agency

-DCFS Card Verification Form

-Health insurance card

– Mortgage or installment loan documents

-Social Security Card

-U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms

– US Military ID

How much does it cost?

For drivers between the ages of 21 and 68, a REAL ID will cost $30, the same price as a standard driver’s license.

For drivers between the ages of 69 and 80 or for residents under the age of 21, the cost will be $5.

How long will it take to arrive?

A temporary paper ID will be issued to the DMV. Officials warn that the TSA will not accept paper identification at airports.

The ID will be mailed within 15 business days.

Can I still travel without?

According to the federal government, residents can still travel within the country if they have an active US passport.