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Ask SAM: How much are school board members, county commissioners paid? | Local news


School administrators have a lot of information to process in deciding whether schools should close. Here are some elements of their decision making.

Q: How much are Winston-Salem / Forsyth County School Board members paid each month? What about the Forsyth County Commissioners?

Responnse: Brent Campbell, director of marketing and communications for Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Schools, and the system’s finance staff detailed the amount of compensation and how it is calculated.

“According to our finance department, WS / FCS Education Council members currently receive a monthly stipend of $ 991.25.

“The president and vice-president of the school board get a bit more, with the president receiving $ 1,153.75 per month and the vice-president receiving $ 1,072.50 per month.

“Under NC Law 115C-38, Forsyth County Commissioners are responsible for setting the compensation rate for school board members. The rate set by our Commissioners is 50% of everything Forsyth County Commissioners are paid.

“The BOE does not receive any other type of compensation or benefit from the district or state. “

Members earn $ 11,895 per year. The president earns $ 13,845 per year and the vice president $ 12,870 per year.

Forsyth County Commissioners’ salary breaks down this way, according to Shannon Hutchins, county human resources manager.

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