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Augusta Commissioners Hear In-Depth Reports on Mayor Davis’ Credit Card Spending



AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – In a presentation by John Snider billed as a “consultation” and not an “audit,” the results show the mayor stayed under budget for 2020. However, the details of how the money is used is what concerns a lot through Augusta.

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According to the consultation document, Mayor Davis exceeded the maximum amount allowed when hiring LC Studios, LLC. Between December 2020 and March 2021, the City of Augusta spent $ 24,969 through the mayor’s office, either by check or credit card.

According to the city’s procurement policy, LC Studios, LLC has sent out several invoices in excess of the amount of $ 5,000 authorized by the city’s purchasing department. The amount of $ 24,969 payable to LC Studio also exceeds the city’s procurement policy of $ 10,000 on what can be paid to a business.

The policy states that whenever services are billed or rendered in excess of these amounts, the city must secure competitive offers with a preference for local suppliers. LC Studios, LLC. is a media production company located in South Florida.

The report by Serotta Maddocks Evans and Company CPA, concludes that it found that the money spent by Mayor Davis, either by credit card or PayPal, was intended for purchases related to the official business of the city.

Concluding the report, the CPA noted that although purchases are considered reasonable, several of the city’s procurement policies were not followed, although the city did not adopt policies regarding spending. by credit card at the time they were used.

See the full report below

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