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Best Egg announces free $ 25,000 contest for better credit



WILMINGTON, Del., December 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Best Egg, an online financial platform owned and operated by Marlette Holdings, Inc, today announced the launch of the $25,000 draws for better credit, which will extend from January 1, 2022 at January 31, 2022. This announcement follows the introduction of the financial health platform of the fintech company, Better financial health of eggs, which already has nearly 80,000 members.

“We are delighted to announce this opportunity for individuals to start the New Year by focusing on their financial well-being,” said Sandeep pasrija, Managing Director of Best Egg Financial Health. “Building healthy credit is one of the best resolutions you can make this year and a lucky member in financial health will win $ 25,000 to get their finances off to a good start in 2022. “

Individuals can register Better financial health of eggs for free where they are instantly entered into the raffle. Anyone who has already registered will also automatically receive an entry into the raffle. Additional raffle entries are earned for unlocking or checking your free credit score, trying out the credit score simulator, and logging in every week in January.

“Our underlying mission is to help our members overcome the challenges they face with their day-to-day finances, while providing resources that will help them improve their long-term financial health,” Pasrija continued. “Our members have expressed a desire to have more confidence in their finances and their financial situation. Best Egg Financial Health features are designed in partnership with our members to ensure that we create accessible tools and valuable information that help them take control of their finances while building trust. We’re honored to help them reach their financial goals and have better access to the money they need in good times and bad.

In addition to Best Egg Financial Health, Marlette has launched several fintech offerings over the past year. Customers have come to rely on Best Egg for personal loans and credit cards designed to promote healthy habits and help them manage their finances on a daily basis. The future innovation of the company’s products is guided by one of the most robust and active research ecosystems in the fintech space, including the Nest community, which includes current, former and potential Best Egg customers. and has hundreds of people engaging in financial matters every day.

About Marlette Holdings, Inc
Marlette Holdings, LLC, d / b / a Best Egg, is a leading financial technology provider whose subsidiaries have developed and operate the Best Egg financial platform, which aims to help people feel more confident in their day-to-day finances. . The team combines decades of banking experience with deep customer knowledge and smart technology to deliver digital products, services and experiences in a more relevant way. Because March 2014, the platform delivered more $ 15 billion in consumer loans with good credit performance. For more information visit www.MarletteFunding.com Where www.BestEgg.com.

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