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Borrowers note that you can get a free credit report with credit score every year




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In accordance with RBI standards, if you are looking for a Cibil report and Cibil score for borrowing purposes, you can get it for free once in a calendar year. So, if you are about to enter into a loan deal and your bank has requested it, you can get it for free from one of the credit reporting companies.

Borrowers note that you can get a free credit report with credit score every year

Rbi rule on free full credit report

As you know, the Committee to Recommend a Data Format for Providing Credit Information to Credit Reporting Companies (Chairman: Shri Aditya Puri) established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recommended that each customer of a credit institution receives a free basic Consumer Credit Information Report (CIR) each year from each credit information company (CIC).

“Considering the importance of the credit report in an individual’s financial affairs, he / she has the right to have a copy of the report upon request. Additionally, the goal of providing the free credit report does not would not be fully achieved unless this report includes details that appear in the full credit report to which credit institutions have access when considering the application for new credit facilities. The report should also provide an opportunity to the borrower to rectify any errors, if any, in its credit history.In view of these objectives, it has been decided, in the exercise of the powers conferred on the Reserve Bank of India by the Sub -section (1) of section 11 of the Credit Information Companies Act 2005 (Regulations), to order credit information companies to provide access in electronic format, on request and after applicant authentication, to a credit report c Completed (FFCR) free, including credit score, once a year (January-December), to people whose change history credit is available with the CIC. This report must indicate the last position of the exposure of credit institutions to individuals according to the records available from CIC. The content of the FFCR is the same as that shown in the more detailed version of the person reports provided to credit institutions, including the credit score.

All CICs will put in place the systems necessary to provide access to the FFCR described above once, at any time, during a year, upon request, to persons whose credit data they hold, starting from the year starting January 1, 2017. CICs will notify on their website the procedure for accessing the FFCR, and also have a board-approved policy in this regard, ”the RBI statement on the free annual credit report added. to individuals.

Credit Score and Credit Report – Importance in Processing and Disbursing Loans

This 3-digit score is very important because any deviation from the benchmark can even lead to the cancellation of your loan application. A credit score of almost 900 is very credible. It may also happen that your records do not appear as updated in the report, for which you must obtain the correction.