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Charter / Spectrum tries an unconventional anti-cable anti-cable strategy: credit threats


Many people these days are ditching cable and other traditional pay-TV channels for a variety of reasons, from wanting to save money, to disinterest in paying for unused channels, to wanting to withdraw from contracts. long-term. Businesses, on the other hand, are trying to get customers to stay.

A cable company, according to a new report, is using a very unconventional way to win back customers.

According to Los Angeles Times, Spectrum, the cable company owned by Charter Communications, has sent letters to customers claiming they owe the cable company money and risk damaging their credit if they don’t renew in as customers.

“A well-established credit history will more likely allow you to benefit from lower mortgage rates, better chances of obtaining credit cards and approvals for renting homes,” a letter to a client said, according to the newspaper. . “You have worked hard to build a bright future for yourself and your family. . . . We look forward to welcoming you again. ”

The letter also told the man that he had the option to “come back in good standing as a new customer” and that “when you become a customer … we will both delete your debt and stop reporting it to a credit. The company described it as a “special debt relief offer.”

The man who received the letter told the Los Angeles Times that he had not been a Spectrum customer in years and that he owed the company no money. He also said that his credit report did not show any unpaid debt owed to the cable company and that when he called the customer service number, the cable company did not find any outstanding balances.

Spectrum confirmed to the newspaper that the letters were real and touted them as “an opportunity to reconnect” for former customers. A spokesperson went on to tell the Los Angeles Times that the offer is to help people in debt.

“The offer clears their outstanding balance and stops reporting that debt to any credit bureau – two good things for the consumer – and, yes, invites them to reconnect to Spectrum Internet at a promotional price,” the holder said. word of the company to the newspaper. .

According to the latest quarterly report from Leichtman Research Group, Spectrum’s parent company, Charter, lost around fifty thousand customers in the second quarter of 2021, leaving it sixteen million. This makes Charter the second-largest cable operator in the United States, around three million behind Comcast, which has lost nearly four hundred thousand customers.

The company added about four hundred thousand net broadband subscribers during the quarter, bringing it to nearly thirty million. That puts them on Comcast, which has over thirty-one million, although both are significantly ahead of the rest of the competition.

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