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cibil: Needy Cheat Duo with Better Cibil Score Bait | Pune News

Pune: Wakad Police are looking for two men for deceiving three needy people out of Rs 1.03 lakh since January under the guise of improving their credit score (CIBIL) and then using their documents to avail loans.
Goalkeeper Ankush Gajanan Polkam (50) from Thergaon filed a complaint with the police on Friday. Wakad Police Station Deputy Inspector Jitendra Girnar told TOI: “We have identified the two men. They are residents of Pune and we will arrest them soon.”
Girnar said: “The plaintiff’s wife, Lalita, needed Rs5 lakh to sort out some domestic issues. She learned of the existence of the two men who give loans to people in need. The women then got their phone numbers from a mutual friend and contacted one of them. The person promised to help.
“The two men requested documents such as PAN, Aadhaar cards and bank details from Lalita,” Girnar said, adding, “Lalita gave them all the documents. The two men studied the documents and informed her that her credit score was too bad and that she could improve it with their help. They told her she could improve her credit rating by taking out a loan in her name and they would pay the monthly EMIs,” Girnar said.
“They took her to an electronics showroom and bought a mobile phone worth Rs 40,000. After buying the phone on the EMIs using Lalita’s documents, the duo blocked her phone number on their smartphones and did not pay the EMIs,” he said.
“We have received two further complaints against the duo from two other women. The duo cheated these two women alike from Rs40,000 and Rs23,000,” he said.
“We expect more complaints from people in need. Police said the duo also deceived more than 30 people by promising them loans ranging from Rs2 lakh to Rs5 lakh,” he said.
The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd, popularly known as CIBIL, is an RBI authorized credit bureau. It offers CIBIL scores and CIBIL reports for individuals. A CIBIL score is generated by the bureau after reviewing an individual’s detailed credit information. A CIBIL score is a three-digit number between 300 and 900, with 300 being the lowest, that represents an individual’s creditworthiness.