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Colorado Springs resident stuck with $ 1,700 bill after apartment complex tows car


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Although his vehicle was listed on the apartment’s lease, a Colorado Springs man had his car towed out of his resort parking lot while out of state.

Rodney Ayers says his Chevy Equinox was towed from the Canyon Ranch apartments after being parked at the complex for just four days.

Last March, Ayers parked his car in one of the resort’s open spaces. Then his son came over and drove him to Denver International Airport for a flight to Arizona. Ayers was visiting his wife, who works out of state at the moment.

But just four days after he left, his car was towed away. He had no idea, until his return two months later, that he could not find a car and finally a big bill for towing.

“Why would you want to tow her while our car was rented?” Ayers questions.

Ayers’ 2014 Chevy Equinox is listed on his lease, but he says the towing company got the green light from their apartment complex to tow it.

“They say ‘Well your car hasn’t moved.’ Of course my car wouldn’t move, because I’m out of town, ”he says.

By the time Ayers returned to Colorado Springs, his tow slip had been sent to collections.

He had to pay over $ 1,700 to get his vehicle back or it was going to be auctioned off. He says his credit score has taken a 100 point hit.

“It not only made me have a hit on my credit, but I was actually in line to get some business deals.”

The lease says Ayers may have a car in one of the assigned carports and another on the property – from where the car was towed.

Ayers claims he was told the car was towed later because it was “obviously unusable”.

Photos of when the car was collected from the creditor seem to show the opposite.

“These are their words to me,” Ayers adds. “The car has not moved, which makes it unusable.”

Ayers lived at Canyon Ranch for three years and renewed her lease before the towing dispute arose. He would like to take his case to small claims court, but fears it will cost him more in the long run.

KRDO contacted American Capital Realty, the company that owns Canyon Ranch.

KRDO asked the company why Ayers should have to pay for towing when his car is clearly listed on the lease.

“I cannot discuss anything relating to my residents,” said Laura Neighbor, of American Capital Realty.

The neighbor claimed that this version of events was not the whole story, but declined to explain why. The neighbor says that the company “served [Ayers] as best we could. “

“Look, you’re gonna do whatever you’re gonna do,” she said of KRDO. “You are more than welcome to do what you need to do.”

This answer, however, is not what Ayers wanted to hear.

“I’m extremely upset because it’s like she’s very unprofessional,” Ayers said. “We’re just asking to do it right. “


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