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Editorial: Save the Postal Service


When we learned that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was cutting mail delivery times, we asked ourselves, “What is he doing even running the postal service?” “

There are two ways you can take this question – either, “What destructive things does Louis DeJoy propose now to destroy a 246 year old institution?” Or “Why is a man who by all appearances sought to sabotage the 2020 presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump still the Postmaster General?” “

It is, after all, the same Mr DeJoy who last year – amid a pandemic in which the postal service for written ballots would be critical – presided over the dismantling of a significant portion of the mail to high speed postal service. sorting equipment, then denied to Congress that he knew about it.

The action was remarkable in the extreme, especially with Mr Trump denouncing postal voting over fears its extension would likely benefit Democrats. Mr. DeJoy himself is a major Republican donor whose past fundraising activities have come under scrutiny by the FBI.

Mr DeJoy appears determined to make the postal service so slow and expensive that Americans will come to despise and avoid it, paving the way for the long-standing Conservative goal of privatizing what is still a public service. vital.

Its latest actions include reducing the promised delivery time from three days to five days from October 1 and implementing cost increases.

The slowdowns are part of a 10-year plan that Mr. DeJoy calls, without apparent sarcasm or irony, “Deliver for America.” A group of attorneys general from 20 states, including New York, are continuing the slowdown, saying the Postal Regulatory Commission, which oversees the postal service, has not fully reviewed the comprehensive plan even as DeJoy implements it. some parts.

All of this should be troubling to anyone, anywhere on the political spectrum.

This is not about nostalgia for an institution that has existed since even before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s about the survival and efficiency of a service that millions of Americans, especially those in the poorest and rural areas, still rely on to pay their bills, send and receive rent and parcels. , and otherwise communicate and do business with the rest of the population. country and the world.

The Postal Regulatory Commission must properly examine Mr. DeJoy’s plans. Congress must pressure him and the Board of Governors to rethink measures that will only further diminish the United States’ use and confidence in American mail. And he must end one of the agency’s most onerous obligations – fully funding its post-retirement health care benefits for more than 50 years, a burden no other private entity or public agency should work on.

President Joe Biden may have no authority to fire Mr DeJoy, but he can certainly use the power and weight of his office to get rid of him by replacing Board members through attrition. He could reach a majority by the end of 2022. And long before that, he would have to ask governors the question that is no doubt in minds outside of ours: what does Louis DeJoy do as Postmaster General anyway? ?

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