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Fake Instagram account preys on followers of popular Miami Kids Magazine


MIAMI- In the past few days, someone created a social media account claiming to be the editors of Miami Kids Magazine in an attempt to scam people out of hundreds of dollars.

CBS4’s Lauren Pastrana and her family have previously graced the cover.

“Miami Kids Magazine is a parenting magazine dedicated to families finding different places to go, educational information,” said publisher Karla Richey.

But now Richey and the Coral Gables Police Department are forced to educate the public about something more sinister.

It’s an Instagram scam that preys on the popular South Florida publication’s approximately 30,000 followers. The fake account’s nickname has an extra “i” in “miami”.

“It looks very similar, but they have a special link that click here to claim your prize or click here to visit our website,” said Sgt. Alexander Escobar.

It’s something Richey says they would never make you do if you won a prize.

“They have to come to our office here in Coral Gables and have to bring their ID, sign the paper that we give them,” Richey explained.

And it’s a click that could cause more than embarrassment.

“Someone with all this information can now start taking out auto loans, home loans, a whole bunch of fraud, identity theft,” Escobar said.

Coral Gables PD said they contacted Instagram, but the fake account is still active.

The best thing to do if you’ve been scammed is to freeze your credit report, which sets off a red flag.