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Former OC sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing credit cards from deceased woman


A former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy stole credit cards from the home of a deceased woman in Yorba Linda and used them to make purchases from QVC and an auto parts store, the people said on Friday. prosecutors.

The charges come after Steve Hortz has already been charged with multiple felonies for breaking into the home of a man who died for stealing more than $ 27,000 in guns and other items in July 2020 He has pleaded not guilty and this case is ongoing.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced Hortz’s second case on Friday. His court appearance is scheduled for October 26.

Hortz’s attorney, Shaheen Manshoory, said prosecutors had not provided much information about the case.

“For now, we will let the process go to court,” Manshoory said in an email Friday.

Authorities arrested Hortz last year in this first case, alleging that the 12-year-old veteran responded to the man’s home in Yorba Linda for a welfare check on July 20, 2020, and found the owner dead of natural causes. Hortz has reportedly returned home several times – including once on duty wearing his assistant uniform – to steal the man’s belongings.

The break-ins were captured on home surveillance video and an estates attorney reported the thefts to the sheriff’s department. Hortz was arrested on September 10, 2020 and resigned 20 days later instead of being fired. He was charged with three counts of second degree burglary and two counts of firearm theft.

Authorities have since discovered that in August 2020 – before Hortz was identified as a suspect in the deceased man’s case – he was called to the home of a deceased woman in Yorba Linda, where he allegedly stole three credit cards. credit.

Prosecutors allege he attempted to make thousands of dollars in unauthorized online purchases – the majority of which were refused – and that some of them were sent to his home.

Hortz was charged Friday with one count of identity theft, one count of embezzlement for grand theft and four counts of attempted grand theft. He faces four years and four months in state prison if convicted of a credit card affair.


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