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Free Financial Literacy Workshop in Derby on September 22



DERBY – The Dailey Memorial Library is hosting a free workshop next week by certified financial educator Cody Fiala.

On September 22, from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., Fiala will host the workshop “It’s your money! Protect him. “

The event is open to all residents of Derby and neighboring communities.

The format welcomes questions and invites personal reflection, and provides actionable information to help individuals protect their money by learning to:

Check their credit for accuracy, correct inaccuracies and strengthen their credit score

Develop a spending plan to help them reach their personal financial goals

Prevent fraudulent access and use of their personal and financial information

Cody Fiala is a Certified Financial Advisor to Credit Unions in the OCU Money $ Teach Financial Education Program.

She has decades of professional experience with several non-profit organizations in Vermont, where she specialized in education loan repayment advice, data analysis, income and expense projections. and operational budget management.

“This workshop is important to the community, especially at this time when so many of us face economic uncertainty and personal financial hardship, as it provides information that people can take action on to protect their hard-earned income,” their assets and financial goals, “Fiala said:” When so much about the economy is beyond our individual control, it can be empowering to know the specific steps we can take as individuals to help protect our personal finances. “

Opportunities Credit Union (OCU) is a Vermont non-profit organization focused on improving the financial stability of Vermonters.

Its mission is to bring affordable capital and financial services to low-income populations and other traditionally underserved populations.

With members from more than 220 cities in Vermont, the group says it recognizes that each member has their own story and their own financial goals.

OCU’s Money $ teach financial education program offers a range of financial literacy workshops and one-on-one financial mentoring sessions to Vermont residents on the path to personal financial goals.

OCU workshops typically focus in depth on a topic such as personal budgeting, individual credit, or the home buying process.

These workshops helped demystify credit scores, provide helpful budgeting tips and apps, and illuminate the many steps in a home buying process, as well as how to prepare your finances for. this investment.

This new workshop, “It’s your money! Protect It, ”examines two of these topics with a view to learning how to use credit and budget as tools to help protect our hard-earned money, while adding the essential fraud awareness tool, which is a growing threat to our individual finances. Security.

For more information, contact Cody Fiala at 802-495-5452.



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