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Hilton Honors Selling Points for 50% off (0.5 cents per point)


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Hilton Honors is currently running a points purchased promotion, which is the best deals we see from the program.

Until Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Hilton Honors is offering a 50% discount on points purchased. This bonus applies as long as you purchase at least 7,000 points in a single transaction, and you can purchase up to 80,000 points with this offer.

How much does it cost to purchase Hilton Honors Points?

Normally, you can purchase Hilton Honors Points for a penny each, before any discounts or bonuses. If you have maxed out this promotion and purchased 80,000 Hilton Honors Points, you will receive a total of 80,000 points for $ 400, which is a rate of 0.5 cents per Hilton Honors point.

Usually, when Hilton Honors offers a promotion on points purchased, it is either a 100% bonus or a 50% discount, which is therefore the best offers in the program.

How many Hilton Honors Points can you purchase?

Hilton Honors allows you to purchase up to 80,000 points per account per calendar year, before any bonuses. Sometimes there are promotions where the cap on the number of points you can buy goes up, but that’s not the case right now.

Note that Hilton allows you to combine points across multiple accounts at no cost, so in reality you can earn a lot more points by simply purchasing them across multiple accounts and then consolidating them. It could also be useful if you find yourself in a situation where a friend or family member is being targeted for a bigger bonus than you.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Which credit card should you purchase Hilton Honors Points with?

Purchases of Hilton Honors Points are processed by points.com, which means they are not considered a hotel purchase for credit card spending.

I would recommend using a card that you’re trying to achieve minimal spending with, or a credit card that maximizes your return on your daily spending, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® (notice), Citi® Double Cash Card ( exam) or Capital One Venture Rewards credit card (exam).

When in doubt, consider which credit cards are best for purchasing points and miles.

Best cards for spending without bonuses:

  • Earn 1% cash back when you make a purchase, earn 1% cash back when you pay for that purchase

  • $ 0

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

  • Earn 3% cash back on meals

  • Earn 3% cash back at pharmacies

  • Earn 1.5% cash back on all other purchases

  • $ 0

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • Earn 2x Venture Miles on every purchase

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Global Entry / TSA Pre-Verification Credit

  • $ 95

American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card

  • 2x points on purchases up to $ 50,000 then 1x

  • Access to Amex offers

  • No annual fee

Is it worth buying Hilton Honors Points?

There is potentially enormous value in purchasing Hilton Honors Points. Hilton Honors sells points at a reasonable cost, owns many ambitious properties, offers great redemptions with a fifth night free, and elite status is easy to achieve with the program as well. When you combine these factors, buying points can be a real bargain.

How many points do you need for a free night at a Hilton?

Hilton Honors does not have a published awards table, but instead offers dynamic award pricing. This means that the cost of a standard free night can vary depending on the day of the week, time of year, etc.

Typically, Hilton Honors Free Night Awards start at 10,000 points per night and go up to 95,000 points per night. There are two exceptions: the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos costs up to 120,000 points per night and the Waldorf Astoria Maldives costs up to 150,000 points per night.

Sometimes you will see award costs much higher than these amounts. In these situations, it is because there is no standard room available, so higher prices come into play for premium rooms. This is generally not such a good use of Hilton Honors Points.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

What is the Hilton Honors Fifth Night Free Benefit?

If you have Hilton Honors elite status (which is easy, as I’ll describe below), you receive a fifth night free on rewards redemptions. This is one way to increase your points even further, and where possible, I recommend that you complete your Hilton Honors award stays in five-night increments.

To take advantage, simply log into your Elite Hilton Honors account and follow the five-night award reservation process. When you arrive on the reservation page, you will notice that the cost of the fifth night is automatically deducted.

Tip: Easily Earn Hilton Honors Elite Status

One thing I like about the program is how easy it is to achieve Elite status with credit cards, including Hilton Honors Gold status and Hilton Honors Diamond status. These tiers offer perks like room upgrades, free breakfast, resort credits, and more. For example:

Enjoy free breakfast as an Elite member

What Are Some Good Uses for Hilton Honors Points?

There are so many amazing hotels where you can redeem Hilton Honors Points and get great value. Just to give a few examples based on current prices (not including the fifth night free):

  • The Conrad Bora Bora is often bookable for 89,000 Honors Points per night; it is a beautiful resort and the rates paid often exceed $ 1,000 per night
  • Zemi Beach House Anguilla can often be booked for 95,000 Honors Points per night; this is a stunning Caribbean resort, and the rates paid often exceed $ 1,000 per night
  • The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills can often be booked for 95,000 Honors Points per night; this is one of my favorite city hotels in the US, and the rates paid often exceed $ 750 per night
  • The Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos can often be booked for 120,000 Honors Points per night; I stayed here recently and had an amazing stay, and the rates paid often exceed $ 1000 per night
Conrad Bora-Bora

As you can see, it’s not hard to do the math here and realize the disproportionate value, considering an acquisition cost of 0.5 cents per point and the possibility of a fifth night free. .

Do Hilton Honors Points expire?

Hilton Honors Points do not expire until you have at least one activity on your account once every 12 months. Qualifying account activity includes earning or redeeming points, so purchasing points would even reset your points’ expiration.

How much are Hilton Honors Points worth?

Everyone will rate points differently, but personally I rate Hilton Honors Points at 0.5 cents each, and tend to rate points quite conservatively. As you can see, the price here is how much I value these points, and there are ways to get a ton of disproportionate value with this promotion.

Does Hilton Honors have blackout dates?

Hilton Honors does not have blackout dates on award nights, and all standard rooms are available for award redemption. So this is as good a policy as you will find with any hotel group when it comes to the availability of award rooms.

How else can you earn Hilton Honors Points?

There are many ways to earn Hilton Honors Points, beyond just staying at Hilton properties or purchasing the points directly. You can easily earn points using Hilton Honors co-branded credit cards, which also offer great welcome bonuses. These cards include the following:

While you can also transfer Amex Membership Rewards points to Hilton Honors, I tend to think that this isn’t a great deal, given the value of Amex points.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

At the end of the line

Hilton Honors is offering a 50% discount when you purchase Points by December 7, 2021. This is the lowest cost you’ll see on Hilton Points purchased, so the offers don’t get better than this. There are many circumstances in which it may make sense to acquire Hilton Points at this price. I really liked Hilton Honors, especially thanks to the Aspire card.

Check out this article for more inspiration on how to redeem Hilton Honors Points for luxury hotel stays.

Do you plan to purchase Hilton Honors Points at a 50% discount?


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