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IFA pork and poultry members renew retailer protests today


Pork and poultry members of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) will renew their protests to retailers in two counties today (Monday February 14).

Protests are expected to take place at retailers in counties Monaghan and Cork.

It is understood the protest in Monaghan has already started, at Dunnes shops in Monaghan town.

The Cork protest is due to take place at 11:00 a.m. at Bishopstown Shopping Center on the outskirts of Cork City. The Dunnes Stores store is also the target of this protest.

In a statement this morning, IFA President Tim Cullinan said: “It is very disappointing that Dunnes Stores ignored the IFA meeting request.

“The pork, poultry and horticulture sectors are in crisis and retailers must act responsibly,” he stressed.

“We met with other retailers last week to highlight the serious loss-making situation of many farmers due to escalating costs. However, Dunnes Stores did not even respond to requests for an IFA meeting,” said Cullinan said.

Over the past week, the IFA has met with representatives from Tesco, SuperValu, Centra and Lidl, where IFA delegations – led by Cullinan – raised concerns about farmers’ costs of production and the impact on the viability of farmers.

“A substantial part of the production of these sectors is sold on the shelves of retailers in Ireland. These important players in the retail sector have an essential role.

“They now need to prove to farmers that they have not only listened, but will follow through on those commitments with suppliers and ensure farmers’ cost increases are covered and they can afford to stay in business.” activity,” the IFA president said, reiterating his previous comments from the weekend.

He also criticized ‘government inaction’ on legislation to introduce the long-promised Food Ombudsman, which he said has left farmers powerless in the food chain.

“Every link in the food chain deserves to have its cost recognized and to have the ability to recoup those costs, otherwise Ireland’s food production system will fail,” he warned.

In a joint statement over the weekend, IFA Poultry Chairman Nigel Sweetman and IFA Pig Chairman Roy Gallie said: “The retail grocery market in Ireland is dominated by five major retailers, controlling 90% of the market. Unless we have strong regulation of these retailers, we will see more and more farmers going to the wall. »