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Inside Queen Hippie Gypsy, Oakland’s First Black Woman-Owned Botanica


The Women’s Council of Associated Real Property Brokers (WC of ARPB) held its annual prayer breakfast to kick off Realtist Week, April 3-9, 2022, in keeping with the trade association’s commitment to increase the black wealth through home ownership.

This year commemorates the historic enactment of the Fair Housing Act 54 years ago on April 11, 1968. WC ARPB is the local chapter of the Women’s Council of the National Association of Realtors (NAREB) and a subsidiary of the Associated Real Property Brokers, the local chapter of NAREB, which is the oldest minority real estate trade association in the country.

Realtist Week’s activities in Oakland, California are grounded in NAREB’s intention to increase the economic future of Black Americans, by creating Black wealth through home ownership. The week-long event series is designed to reach Black Oakland residents where they live, work and socialize.

Additionally, Realtists expect to meet with policymakers and elected officials to ensure that affordable and sustainable homeownership is supported by law, through regulations or other means of city planning.

Black American home ownership has been steadily declining since 2004, when it peaked at nearly 50%. In the fourth quarter ending in 2021, as reported by the US Census Bureau, the homeownership rate for blacks hovered nationally at 44.6% compared to the homeownership rate for non-Hispanic whites just above 74, 2%.

“Realist Week events and activities raise awareness that black homeownership not only strengthens the economic fabric of our city, but also increases the attractiveness of Oakland’s many neighborhoods,” said Cathy Adams, President of the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce (OAACC).

It is fitting that NAREB’s Realtist Week takes place during National Fair Housing Month which commemorates the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, federal legislation prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, family status or disability.

WC of ARPB and ARPB have scheduled a series of activities to educate the community and policy makers on the importance of affordable homeownership as the best and most effective wealth creation tool. The events and activities included were:

  • Annual Prayer Breakfast – Realistic Week Kick Off 4/2
  • Realtist Fitness Bootcamp Monday 4/4 9 at Tip Top Shape 472 9th Street Oakland
  • Virtual Town Hall for City of Oakland Mayoral Candidates Tuesday 4/5
  • Brunch & Learn to discuss the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain on the real estate sector
  • TownCONNECT Homeowner & Homebuyer Expo Sat 4/9 at the Black Cultural Zone, 7101 Foothill Blvd Oakland FREE event, free lunch, live DJ, kids activities, raffles and more

Formed in 1947, NAREB’s founding motto of Democracy in housing continues to be his focus and goal. NAREB 2 The Million New Black Homeowners (2Mn5) program was launched to reverse the flight of wealth among black Americans.

As the country continues to experience an economic recovery, that same recovery has ignored most black Americans. NAREB’s approach to increasing Black wealth incorporates financial education, homeownership preparation and counseling, outreach to the faith community as well as expanding the knowledge base of Black consumers on the importance of advocating for public policies that support and increase affordable and sustainable home ownership.

WC of ARPB and ARPB joins NAREB chapters nationwide participating in Realtist Week. For more information about the association and Realtist Week, contact Tammy Willis, ARPB Women’s Council President, 510-460-0248 and [email protected]