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Kaw Lake pipeline faces 3-month ‘substantial completion’ delay due to river realignment | New


Construction of the City of Enid’s Kaw Lake Water Pipeline Project is now expected to be “substantially complete” by early 2024, a three-month delay reported by project officials earlier this week.

Officials from Garney Construction, the at-risk construction manager for the project, told city commissioners during a project update from the study session on Tuesday that a realignment of drilling on the Arkansas River would take an additional 100 days from the previous substantial completion date of October 2023.

Garney Vice President David Burkhart said the realignment north of the river would be 500 feet from the current pipeline route, delaying substantial completion until late January 2024.

Enid’s ongoing water supply project, which stretches from Osage County Lake to the city’s new water treatment plant on West Chestnut, includes two boreholes below the river.

“As you well know, due to land acquisition constraints, we have now identified an alternative realignment to move this work that Garney has completed and continue to do this drilling, on schedule and not avoid delay costs. extra,” Burkhart told the commissioners on Tuesday.

The commissioners then approved the fourth change order of nearly $1.4 million to raise Garney’s guaranteed maximum price to nearly $250 million at their regular meeting on Tuesday.

The change order allows Garney to move nearly 2,500 linear feet of pipeline from the west Arkansas River to the north and restore the current site to its original state, according to Garney.

Construction of the new road will begin on Monday, Burkhart said.

State permitting approvals also caused a months-long construction delay for the water treatment plant, he said.

“It’s a good schedule. It’s going to be aggressive and it’s going to be ambitious, but it can be done,” Burkhart said.

The commissioners also agreed to a third private land easement that city officials said is needed for the Arkansas realignment of Ponca City resident Dalton Cloud for $12,950, including damages coverage.

Last month, commissioners had approved two adjacent parcels of land also along the Arkansas River in Timothy Mowdy, Kay County. Land acquisition agents from Garver, the design company for the Kaw project, had negotiated the easement acquisitions in April.

The city needs 230 parcels for the pipeline portion of the project, apparently with a private easement and six through the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, according to Garver.

Burkhart did not specify “land acquisition constraints,” but the city has been trying to acquire plots from the Ponca tribe for several years for the project.

Jason Jansen, with Garver, said at Tuesday’s meeting that nearly a quarter of the 70-mile pipeline has been stripped and separated, including all of the easternmost segments one and two in Garfield County. .

In the first segment, Carstensen Contracting crews have been working to install the 30-inch pipeline for the past few weeks along what Jansen called a “very congested and narrow corridor” of Phillips Road between Cleveland and Van Buren. .

“It’s been a tough section to build,” Jansen said.

About 31% of that segment has been built, he said.