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Major credit card companies will soon classify purchases at gun stores


Major credit card companies are reclassifying purchases at gun stores and ammo stores — a change that could pull the curtain back on gun purchases.

Visa, American Express and Mastercard will begin implementing the plan, separating gun and ammunition purchases from other types of purchases for the first time. They were previously classified as general merchandise.

This decision comes as arms sales continue to increase.

“Sales have certainly increased over the past few years compared to the past five years,” said Vincent Vasquez, manager of an Arizona gun store.

The FBI reports having made 78,571,988 background check for arms purchases over the past two years. That’s more than in any two-year period since record keeping began in 1998.

Cyndi Starr is one of many first-time gun buyers.

“I made this decision after months of back and forth,” Starr said. “I would never want to hurt anyone, ever, but I’ve been close enough to some violent or potentially violent situations that I’ve had that split second where it’s like, ‘What’s my backup?’ “

Gun violence Prevention campaigners hope the new classification of credit card purchases will help differentiate people like Starr from those who intend to use a gun to hurt people, helping banks see and report suspicious activities.

But, of course, not everyone is on board.

Over the weekend, the NRA said it was about creating a “national registry of gun owners.”

The policy is only intended to separately classify purchases from arms and ammunition stores, not specifically what was purchased. It’s a simple label change that proponents hope will help reduce gun violence.

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