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Man accused of beating up child who used credit card for video games



JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A Brookville man faces child abuse charges after he allegedly banged the child’s head against a wall multiple times.

Police received a call on September 18 regarding possible endangerment of a child as Anthony Brosius, 45, allegedly hit the child’s head against the wall because the child used the credit card of a parent, according to the complaint.

Another parent was questioned by the police and provided the police with text messages between her and Brosius in which he referred to the abuse and an earlier incident where he had also beaten the child when they were using a card credit to purchase video games.

The police also questioned the child and learned that when Brosius found out that the credit card had been used, he grabbed and threw the victim against the wall and continued to bang the victim’s head against the wall three to three times. four times. The child was then sent to his bedroom, where the abuse continued. Brosius hit the child in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground, according to the affidavit.

The miner then ended up in a corner and Brosius started kicking him in the thigh. When the victim tried to run to the neighbor’s house, Brosius brought them back inside and pushed him against the wall.

The police then questioned Brosius and he admitted to pushing the child against the wall, but denied anything else. When the police showed him the texts, he said he did not want to start an argument between him and the other parent.

Brosius is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on October 28 and his bond is set at a dollar value of $ 30,000.

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