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Meet the Austin finance company that partners with Spurs and helps people get credit


Starting next season for the San Antonio Spurs, you’ll see an Austin-based fintech company on team uniforms.

Self Financial announced a partnership with Spurs this week, in which a patch with their logo will replace where Frost’s was on the jersey.

RC Buford, chief executive of Spurs Sports & Entertainment, has released a statement on the partnership, which will involve community engagement. The organizations are launching an annual $10,000 award to be given to a leader of a local nonprofit or community impact organization.

“Self-creating credit, Spurs create talent and both build dreams,” Buford said.

“Our partnership will draw parallels between people looking to build credit and a talented young group on the basketball court determined to build a champion team. We believe the Self-branded Spurs jersey will become a symbol of this mission – self-improvement in pursuit of building dreams.

This follows another announcement made earlier this year by Self as the Moody Center’s Official Credit Sponsor.

Early in the year, the team of nearly 300 employees moved to a new office at 901 E. 6th St. to accommodate the growing team.

Priding itself on helping people build their credit, Self was launched in 2015 after CEO James Garvey went through his own credit mishap. Automatic payments on his credit card were not set up correctly. Months passed, causing his credit rating to plummet.

The Self team has credit plans in place to help people budget and reach their financial goals. Here’s how it works: Plans range from small to extra large, with the small requiring $25 per month for two years and the largest requiring $150 per month for one year. With this, users can track their credit score and automate payments with the ability to cancel at any time.

Currently, Self has over one million active customers and Texas is its primary market.

Self is working with Spurs guard Josh Primo as a brand ambassador. In 2021, at age 18, Primo moved from Canada to the United States and became the youngest San Antonio Spurs player ever.

“As a young international player, Josh has no credit history in the United States and represents millions of young people who need to build credit and work hard to achieve their dreams and goals,” Garvey told Austinia via email. “We are excited to work with him as he begins to build his credit and continues to build his career.”

On Thursday, Self will be the presenting partner for the Spurs 2022 NBA Draft festivities, which will include official watch parties in San Antonio and Austin.