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Not your typical dealership: Mississippi’s first Tesla showroom opens to the public


Mississippi’s first Tesla showroom is now open to the public and unlike any ordinary car dealership you’ve ever known.

In a recent interview on MidDays with Gérard GibertLinda Martin, general manager of the new Tesla showroom in Brandon, explained that the process of buying a vehicle at their store is more web-based than at the typical dealership.

“You can’t walk into our property and say, ‘I want this car here and I’ll pick it up today. How our customers work and how the process works if you place an order online you build your custom car. The down payment for this is $250, and we tell our customers to be ready to take delivery of your vehicle next week or six months from now,” Martin said. “By the time they get to us, the funding is done and they’re heading out into the sunset and off our land.”

Martin added that a significant portion of the customers they’ve met have already placed an order on a vehicle without even taking one for a test drive, which is rarely the case in the automotive buying process.

“I would say probably 60 percent of the customers we saw in Mississippi and Louisiana alone placed their order before they came to test drive a vehicle,” Martin said. “So they call us after the fact and say, ‘Hey, I placed my order last week. Is there any way I can come in and have a test drive? And the answer is yes. C It’s as easy as making an appointment online.

Those interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle or scheduling a test drive at the Brandon location are encouraged to visit the store’s website. According to Martin, there are windows of time available to schedule a test drive.

“We have slots – 30-minute increment slots – all day,” Martin said, adding, “So anyone who wants to can come in and have a test drive.”

Martin’s full interview can be viewed below.