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Opinion: In defense of Bob Ziel | Guest column


My policy over the past year has been to avoid political discussions as much as possible, in favor of experiences that I have had and which have elicited several favorable comments. However, Bob Ziel and I have an unsigned agreement to keep tabs on each other. First of all, Bob’s assessment of critical race theory as reverse racism is correct. It is an attempt, with roots going back to the last century, to pit people of different origins against each other.

Evan Tibbott

But it has a deeper agenda in some, at least, that reflects a desire to focus and indoctrinate the younger generations with the idea that everything they’ve been taught about America is hypocrisy. That Americans of white (European) descent should be ashamed of their heritage. It is an insult to a significant part of this country, and it is wearing itself out for a lot. It also fails to recognize the supreme sacrifice countless thousands of white American men made during the Civil War to end the heinous period of slavery. This nation has made tremendous strides in overcoming this period in our history, especially with civil rights law.

Some try to use this hypocritically to foster a false sense of genuine concern for human welfare when their efforts are nothing more than an often disguised attempt to lead the nation toward socialism. Which, in its history in the nations where it has gained ground, has resulted in the loss of liberty, property rights and all the rights and freedoms given by God that we have inherited from the Constitution. As former President John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Fortunately Idaho has avoided much of this new threat that started at some of our universities, has spread to corporate boards and now even to our military, and has now manifested itself in the suppression of the freedom of expression which does not respect the accepted directives of the company Justice.


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