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Pelosi attack, credit card charges, Jones Beach shows, etc.


After Pelosi attack, unity is needed

It’s time for decent elected officials to stand side by side, Democrats and Republicans, and say that the political attack on Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is the final straw. overstepping the camel to allow misinformation and conspiracy theories to fester in the minds of individuals [“Pelosi attack exposes some extremist truths,” Opinion, Nov. 3].

And it has to be done without “buts” and “what about isms”. It has to stop now before someone gets killed.

I realize it’s hard to avoid continuing to point fingers at where the demonization began and which party is at fault, but that’s exactly why it must stop now or it will continue and become deadly.

There are plenty of decent, loyal Americans in both parties who could put a stop to these conspiracy theories and debunked allegations.

—Jim Kiernan, Holbrook

How did a certain segment of this country sink so low that they laugh at a man who was attacked in his own home? Because he is the husband of a politician whose wife is a member of the opposing political party? The disgusting jokes that have arisen, especially from the son of a political leader, are beyond low.

No matter which side of the aisle you are on, we should all be shocked by this attack.

Everyone should report this behavior. I’m sure there are other crazy followers who will see this and think it’s okay to attack politicians. Would it be so funny if this happened to someone in his family?

It may be a wake-up call that this has gone too far, but I have little hope. I’m starting to be ashamed to say that I’m American and that I’m a daughter of the American Revolution.

— Karyn Rhodes Dornfield, Westbury

When Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) was shot in 2017, House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. The Democrats made no jokes about it and there was no campaigning around this terrible incident. Congress was unified in support of Scalise.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the attack on Paul Pelosi.

While a few prominent Republican politicians expressed disdain, others showed a lack of compassion for the Pelosi family. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Louisiana Representative Clay Higgins, Virginia Governor Ted Youngkin and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake made nasty jokes about a man nearly killed by someone who spouted lies and conspiracy theories published by Republicans.

This growing lack of empathy and sheer contempt for those who disagree with them is sad.

—Robert Broder, Stony Brook

What happened in Nazi Germany in the early 1930s is apparently happening around the world and in the United States [“All students should see Holocaust series,” Letters, Oct. 6].

Lies, conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and attacks on minorities, intimidation and threats against our political leaders and election workers, and actual violence.

The attack on Paul Pelosi is a perfect example of how our democracy is going astray. First, the violent attack he suffered for political reasons, then the consequences of the lies and jokes of those who are running for office. And the horrific conspiracy theories circulating on social media.

We must stop this hatred before it destroys us.

—Jeff Goldschmidt, Stony Brook

Credit card companies are duplicating

Credit card fees are no different from the fees charged to buy tickets to a sporting event, concert or show “Credit Card Fees Hurt Small Business”, Opinion, November 4].

I pay the ticket order processing fee and do all the work. My hair salon stopped accepting credit cards and my auto repair shop lets me use a personal check. As I prefer not to carry large sums of cash, I reluctantly absorb credit card charges when there is no alternative.

My complaint is about credit card and merchant processing companies. They practice double dipping, charging both the consumer and the merchant for the same service. It’s a cash grab, and consumers and merchants are caught in the middle.

I’ve given up credit cards that have privilege fees and am using cards that offer rewards. It’s not much, and the card companies don’t care. I expect credit card charges and stopped looking for a poorly written sign.

Reporting a merchant to the Attorney General will not make the fee go away.

—Howard Lev, East Meadow

The recent spate of companies putting a surcharge on paying with a credit card is sheer greed. Fees paid to credit card companies have always been part of doing business.

Since there is no way for me as a consumer to fight this latest display of greed, I can apply the only alternative I have – I will not patronize the business. I have already told the owners of two local businesses that I will not be returning.

—Jim Cleary, Flower Park

Jones Beach shows also need a facelift

I was delighted to read about the “Jones Beach Theater facelift” [News, Oct. 22]. Now if only some entertainment was aimed at older clientele and/or families. I once enjoyed summer musicals with my parents and my husband.

—Vera Galante Anderson, New Hyde Park

For motel owners, justice is overdue

So, let me recap the situation happening at the Sayville Motor Lodge, according to federal prosecutors. [“Owners of motel indicted,” News, Nov. 3].

For 38 years, a dilapidated and dodgy property has thrived on Sunrise Highway.

From 2014 to 2018, a sex trafficking business was carried out there.

For the past eight years, a narcotics business has flourished there, allowing dealers to sell drugs from rooms and people to get high on heroin, cocaine and crack in public view.

It took law enforcement eight years to build a case. Should we all finally be jumping for joy? It is no wonder that, for many, our faith in government has been shaken.

Justice delayed is not justice. We the people deserve much better.

—Karen Sheerin, Islip

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