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Slack plans to strengthen its presence in the enterprise segment


Slack, a collaboration app aims to strengthen its footprint in the enterprise segment with a focus on middle-market organizations, the company’s senior executives said.

He believes that Salesforce’s established presence in the enterprise segment can be leveraged to deepen its presence in the segment. Matt Loop, Asia-Pacific manager at Slack, said activity area“Salesforce has an incredible presence in India with a ton of relationships in the enterprise segment, an area where we want to continue to grow our relationships with said organizations.”

Empowerment of organizations

Both Salesforce and Slack have similar missions of empowering organizations on their digital transformation journey. We align with many factors that bring value to customers. Slack is becoming the core of Salesforce’s overall offering, he added.

The company said it aims to provide services to traditional businesses that are still undergoing full digital transformation. It also intends to deepen relationships with customers who have already adopted the platform by building a broader ecosystem.

Medium-sized organizations

Rahul Sharma, Country Manager at Slack, said, “We are seeing strong interest from enterprise customers in India. This is due to the movement of talent from middle market organizations to enterprises. However, Slack is not limited to the middle market and enterprises, as the goal is to serve all organizations across the country, he added.

In addition to the enterprise segment, Slack also intends to deepen its presence in middle market organizations. “A substantial portion of Slack’s customers are midsize businesses,” Sharma said. The company said it has a strong presence in the small and medium enterprise (SME) and startup market. “We want to help SMB communities, the next unicorns that are currently being built from accelerators, grow their businesses on Slack,” Loop said.

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September 21, 2022