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State shuts down industry ‘immediately’ as anti-vaccines run rampant


“The Victorian government has informed us that as they continue to see an increase in COVID-19 transmissions in the building and construction industry, combined with the riots in Melbourne today, all construction sites in the construction industry building and construction in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Geelong, Surf Coast, Ballarat and the Mitchell Shire are scheduled to close for a two week period starting at 11:59 pm tonight, ”Master Builders said. “While the period is set at two weeks, the restrictions will only be in effect [for as long as] each of these local government areas is restricted for.

Treasurer Tim Pallas said in a statement that recent outbreaks of COVID-19 have been linked to construction and that there were concerns about industry compliance with public health guidelines, AFR reported.

“The immediate shutdown action is being taken to reduce movement, minimize transmission and allow the entire industry to adapt appropriately to the director of health’s instructions, including increasing vaccination rates. “said Pallas.

He said workers must have received at least one dose of the vaccine before returning to the site on October 5.

Victorian-era building unions, including CFMEU, Electrical Trades Union, Manufacturing Workers Union and Plumbers Union, released a joint statement on Monday denouncing the Andrews government and the director health for what they called a “heavy” vaccine mandate that pushed workers towards the anti-vax movement, AFR reported.


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