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NASHVILLE – A civil rights lawyer dubbed a country and soul singer / songwriter with roots in Robeson County recently released his extended playing album titled “Phases and Stages”.

The “Emotional” EP features seven tracks, all written and co-written by Roger Dale and produced in Nashville by another musician and nominated for the 2019 Josie Music Awards “Music Producer of the Year” Justine Blazer at Ten7Teen Studios, which also lends the voice on the track “Why Don’t We.”

With a rich, moving voice reminiscent of traditional country songs, Dale takes listeners on a journey through loving self and others, showing both the good and the bad, and how those experiences can shape his being.

“Phases and Stages as a whole is a wild but beautiful roller coaster ride through stories of all that love involves and how it builds us as people,” said Dale. “It means so much to me to finally release my first EP album with songs that I wrote, conveying stories that come straight from my heart. I hope listeners love the songs as much as I do and find one or a few to connect with.

Hailing from Pembroke, the 37-year-old sound is heavily influenced by his southern roots and love for authentic country music. Robeson County listeners will enjoy the track “Boys Like Me,” featuring Parr Usual, more because it is reminiscent of Dale’s hometown.

“A lot of me is in my music because of where I’m from, so you’ll be able to hear it in some of the lyrics,” Dale said. “My heritage and my culture are everything, so that definitely shines through in my music. “

Dale’s experience as a civil rights lawyer and American Indian brings a unique perspective and a sense of oneness to his songs which resonate on a larger level.

“I write from a real place,” Dale said. “It’s either I’m going through it or someone I know is going through it or been through it, and that’s kind of how I bring my visions to life through music. Lots of cases I’ve worked on and even as a civil rights activist – the song “One World, One Love” talks about that. “

“One World, One Love” was written on January 6, following the riots that occurred at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC Dale lived about 15 minutes from the event at the time and was personally experienced “chaos”.

“It was quite traumatic. As a civil rights lawyer and working for the federal government, seeing democracy fall so quickly was actually surprising, ”said Dale. “I was really numb. I was shocked more than anything. I couldn’t believe the Capitol had been overthrown by citizens. It was really chaotic.

That night the sirens got louder and Dale couldn’t sleep, so he started to notice his thoughts. The result was a song about unity and setting aside differences.

“I didn’t know it was going to become a song that I would record, honestly, but I had to release it because it was just shocking,” he said.

Being a lawyer and “watching our democracy go down the drain” made Dale even more important to spread the word through his music.

“I know my voice is here for a reason and I speak out against oppression and undeserved communities that never had a voice. It has always been my mission in life as a lawyer and I bring the same to music, ”said Dale. “My goal is to do it not only for myself but for all the others who have never had the chance and who continue to be oppressed. It gave me a little more fire when I saw this happen and experienced it. “

He hopes that through his music people will come together.

“No matter our race or religion, wherever you come from, we are one and we have to come together and learn to love again. I hope this resonates not only with people in our country but around the world to put aside our differences, ”said Dale. “I defend love. I hope it brings peace and love to everyone who hears it, and that’s the reason I wrote it.

The EP also features “Love Don’t Love Me Like It Use To”, “Second Chance” and “White Noise”, as well as a bonus song called “Chasing Blue”, a song written about stress disorder awareness. Posttraumatic.

“I have to have a vision and then last October the album title came to me. It was ‘Phases and Stages’ and I liked it. These seven songs are exactly what it means, ”said Dale.

Dale regularly released music in anticipation of his debut project while also gaining a loyal fan base, drawing him nearly 15,000 Spotify listeners each month. For more information, visit https://rogerdaleofficial.com/.


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