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Why Abbott Elementary could be the next big sitcom


Sitcoms have been a staple of American television since the very beginning of its history, with laughter and joy being two things people can always relate to. The public jubilation over 100 years of television can largely be attributed to sitcoms. After all, comedies have long been known to be one of the cheapest genres to produce, and in the early days of TV production, that meant every studio produced as many comedies as they could for as little as it cost. . Unfortunately, television budgets are much larger these days and have allowed studios to produce shows in more expensive genres, making sitcoms all but disappear.


Luckily, a great new sitcom arrives every few years that reminds audiences everywhere that laughter is still the best medicine and that comedies are as relevant as they’ve always been. One of these shows is Abbott Elementary School, a mockumentary-style sitcom about a second-grade teacher and her co-workers trying to guide their students through Philadelphia’s public school system. The series began airing in December on ABC as a mid-season entry, and with a second season underway, Abbott Elementary School has several reasons why he should stick around for years to come.

Show creator and cast

ABC's Abbott Elementary School

One of the main reasons why Abbott Elementary School has already achieved so much success must be credited to the woman who made the series possible in the first place – creator and star Quinta Brunson. Brunson plays the main character, Janine Teagues, a second-grade teacher who proves in every episode that she cares more about her students than anything in the world. Thrown into a system that seems to have abandoned her students and her faculty, Janine struggles to put in the effort not only to help her students succeed in life, but also to help her colleagues rekindle the spark they once had. to educate the young people of their city.

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Now, the show is a sitcom, so Janine very rarely fully succeeds in her endeavors, but even the occasional win is a tick in the W column as far as she’s concerned. Not only is Brunson brilliant, but the cast of teachers who Abbott Elementary School has set up is a comic goldmine. A principal who would be better suited as a TikTok star, an awkward/baby-faced history teacher who supports Janine’s plight but is too awkward to be helpful, two veteran teachers who know Janine’s actions are ungrateful and a love-teacher surrogate who regularly insists it’s only a temp job. The episodes practically write themselves.

The relevant content of the show

ABC's Abbott Elementary School

Speaking of the episodes practically writing themselves, Abbott Elementary School should be renewed for several seasons due to the relevance of the content. A significant part of the population went to elementary school. Even though it was during our younger years, we still have important and pivotal memories from those days that helped shape us into the people we have become. But we also have hilarious memories of all the shenanigans young teenagers are forced to get themselves into. Abbott Elementary students and teachers are no different.

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Each episode revolves around an event/ordeal that often happens in elementary schools across the country – open houses, receiving new technology, dealing with substitute teachers, etc. The list goes on and on, and anyone who’s ever been in an elementary school classroom can relate to it. Not only are the stories relatable, but so are the teachers and students. Everyone had an over-the-top teacher like Janine, who was always trying to do too much; everyone had a substitute teacher who didn’t care to be there; everyone had a manager where it was doubtful they even got the job in the first place. If a person went to elementary school, they can laugh at Abbott Elementary School (and that’s a lot of people).

Dummy Comedy Success

Sitcom Mockumentaries The Office and the Modern Family

While this particular element isn’t a surefire sign of a successful show, there’s no denying that dummy sitcoms have done well, especially in recent years. Office, Parks and Recreation, What we do in the shadows, and modern family were all shot in the mockumentary-style format, and all were considered a hit among critics and fans alike.

Abbott Elementary School mostly looks like Office, Parks and Recreationand Modern family. With the series airing on ABC — the same as modern family — it’s a safe bet that Abbott Elementary has officially received the sitcom torch.

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